All You Need To Know About The Cannabis Trades Association UK

All You Need To Know About The Cannabis Trades Association UK

The Cannabis Trades Association has played a major role in the formation of CBD oil UK laws. They have given businesses the opportunity to trade legally and the consumers to gain benefits of the product through prescription and more. After a great amount of efforts put forth by the association and its founding members, the government finally acknowledged cannabis oil in UK as a therapeutic drug and allowed the prescription of the same to people with qualifying medical conditions and also for other recreational purposes.

The history of the association

In September 2016, the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) was formed by 7 individuals with the common belief of providing hemp and CBD oil to people who required it for the treatment of various ailments. Till that point of time, the CBD industry was quite unregulated as there was no one to guide them or hear to their grievances. When finally the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) gave the final nod towards the acceptance of CBD oil as a medicine that is what gave birth to the future of CBD Market in the UK along with the world. Just the requisite step by the government and now the association has about 300 certified members along with 1200 registered sellers of recreational marijuana.

Work done by Cannabis Trades Association involves:

Providing assurance to the government that the CBD Oil that will be supplied by their sellers would definitely meet the industrial standards, go through the essential quality maintenance checks, and make sure that the drug is supplied in easily administrable quantities.

Without proper regulations, there will be no future of CBD oil, and this is something that CTA understands to the fullest. In order to show their trustworthiness as an association, they have also joined hands with the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) along with the Food Standards Agency (FSA). CTPA can guide CTA about the standards to be maintained when CBD oil would be used as a cream while FSA has set the standards about consumption of CBD oil and making its use while cooking.

Controversies related with the association and it’s doing

In August 2018, it came to the notice of the authorities that the CTA had falsely claimed that it had been authorized by the States of Guernsey. Moreover, an official statement was released about the same and the reality of the situation was brought forward. Making such claims doesn’t suit well with the association’s repo as it already doesn’t have a good name in the market. The questionable status of the association is present because people have some doubts regarding its legitimacy and how it goes about its working, thus making them more susceptible to whiplash if it makes the smallest of mistakes.

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Also, there have been reported incidents of threatening mail sent to cannabis dealers saying that if they do not pay up the requisite amount of money, then they would be reported to the authorities. Situations like this can definitely be avoided if people are a part of associations like CTA as there would be a body who’d govern and guide them through situations like this.

The conclusion

Organizations like the Cannabis Trades Association are essential because without them it isn’t possible for governments themselves to regulate the usage of cannabis legally. Given the work ethics and organizational goals of CTA, it is possible to project an investment worthy future in the CBD market thus making the efforts of the people in the association fruitful.

Without a doubt, the market is showing all positive signs.

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