Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil

Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil: So Same Yet So Different Natural Supplements!

The legalization of hemp cultivation in the UK has lead to exponential growth of a whole new circle of hemp users that never gets high. Today, hemp seed oil benefits and CBD hemp oil have become synonymous with health and well-being. In the list of top natural oils, you are sure to come across these two because of their advanced medicinal properties. However, although they are two different oils, they are usually used interchangeably that often leaves the consumer confused. So in this post, we will highlight hemp oil vs CBD oil review that will make it clear that both are different products and are consumed in different ways.

Despite being derived from the same plant, the CBD hemp oil benefits and hemp seed oil benefits largely differ. This is because they are made from different parts of the same plant and hence have significantly different uses. Now, here it is important to understand both the oils from their point of origin in order to have better clarity.


First, let’s start with hemp oil and its uses

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, similar to the oils derived from almonds, olives, or coconut. A form of Cannabis Sativa, this plant is typically grown for industrial purposes and contain low levels of Cannabinoids; the most common ones being the THC and CBD. These hemp seeds are some of the most versatile and nutritious seeds that come packed with tremendous health benefits. They contain 30% oil by weight, which is extracted by cold pressing, a process that effectively preserves the entire nutritious content.

A look at the various hemp seed oil benefits:

1. It is rich in important fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3 as well as Vitamin E, which makes it perfect for cooking and salad dressings.

2. They make a great moisturizer, leading to increased skin elasticity and water retention.

3. Consumption of hemp seed oil keeps your skin, hair, and nails healthy and strong.

4. It increases your body metabolism, which results in burning fat at a faster rate.

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5. Hemp seed oil is rich in Gamma Linoleic acid, which helps to fight psoriasis, a skin condition affecting many people around the world.

6. It helps in lowering blood fat levels, prevents degenerative conditions in your heart and other organs, and keeps your brain and immune system healthy.

7. It is used in various cosmetic products like shampoo, soap or lotion and helps replenish and revitalize your skin and hair.

8. Additionally, this oil is also used as a base for plastics (instead of petroleum), in the production of eco-friendly paints (instead of petroleum), as a bio-diesel fuel and even as a wood varnish.

Well, here it is important to take note of one thing while discussing hemp oil vs CBD oil that hemp oil can also contain CBD depending on the type of oil purchased. So be sure what you are looking for and in what amount.

Coming over to CBD oil and its various plus points

Legalization of CBD:

Today, CBD oil UK law has made it legal to use all sorts of cannabis and hemp-based products but within the prescribed limits. The plant which has been criminalized for years has been made available by the Government under various guidelines. Now you can easily find CBD oil for sale on various online and offline stores and can harness its power for different body conditions without any fear.

How and from where the oil is extracted?

Like hemp seed oil, CBD oil is also extracted from the hemp plant with the only difference that it is produced from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the plant. However, even though it is extracted from hemp plants, it can also be produced from other Cannabis plants that are high in THC. It is the high ratio of CBD to THC in hemp plants that makes it ideal to extract CBD oil since it will not get you high.

The process of solvent extraction is used to collect the oil, where solvents like alcohol, butane, or CO2 is forced across and through the Cannabis Sativa plant matter. This separates the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes and the solvent is then allowed to evaporate, resulting in cannabinoid-rich CBD oil.

Here, one CBD oil FAQ that usually surfaces is whether the hemp seed oil and CBD hemp oil serves the same purpose since both are used interchangeably as we discussed it above. Well, the answer is while hemp seed oil benefits are limited to a healthy diet, the CBD oil is a complete package in itself. It’s a medicine and its uses are legion.

A glance at its various benefits:

1. It comes with anti-cancer properties.

2. It reduces inflammation, protects from oxidative stress, and balances the immune system.

3. CBD oil is a great antioxidant and also helps with healing acne, reducing nausea & vomiting, seizures, and other tumors.

4. It can be a very potent weapon against type 2 diabetes and helps in reversing it, or/while managing type 1 diabetes.

5. This oil can help relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms.

6. Potentially benefits schizophrenia.

7. Helps in reducing anxiety and chronic pain management.

8. The oil is beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis as well.

And, the list of its health benefits goes on.

A review on the side-effects of both the oils

We all know excess of everything is bad and so the same applies to these two natural oils also. You know excess of hemp seed oil can trigger hallucinations and paranoia! So one must use it responsibly within the prescribed dosage to avoid any complications. On the other hand, CBD oil too must be taken as per the prescription. Though it has been found completely safe for most people to use, everyone has unique body chemistry and so the effects of CBD oil differ from person to person.

In short, no matter how beneficial these oils are, you should always closely research the same and consult with a doctor to make the best and safest use of both the oils. In the race between hemp oil vs CBD oil, it’s the one that’s most needed at that point of time as both have infinite benefits.

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